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Multifunctional Ad Mailers that Get Guaranteed Page Views and Build Your Personal List Virally

Fact #1: There is no single traffic source that will supply all the traffic you need.

It's best to have as many of them running as you can fit into your advertising budget.

Fact #2: You cannot rely on only ONE marketing method to build your business!

Each advertising method you employ should be one of several that supports your overall marketing strategy.

Regardless of the program, product or service, here's another important tidbit:

Fact #3: The affiliates who are making the most sales are focusing their promotional efforts in multiple directions.

Keeping those important points in mind, I'd like to share a family of VIRAL advertising sources that are multifunctional. Not only do your ADS GET SEEN at each of the sources below, each one also BUILDS YOUR PERSONAL LIST.

If you need more business partners, downline members and SALES, review the traffic sources below, then join them FREE for Guaranteed Page Views and List Building.


Your Viral List

For Every 1 Referral You Bring In,
You Get 5 MORE Automatically.

All Referrals Also Get Added To Your Personal List
(Your Autoresponder).



Your Viral Mailer

In Addition To Being Able To Mail Your Own Offers To
This Active Membership, Every Referral You Bring In
 Gets Added To Your Personal List (Your Autoresponder)
 PLUS Your Free Members Pass Up Their First 5


Your Viral Traffic

A Compelling Lead Magnet to Build Your List Combined with a State of the Art Traffic Exchange and Mailer.



Premium Option Gets a WHOPPING 10% Click Rate!
Broke? Earn Your Premium Upgrade by Referring Others!



Mail Your Ad to HotListMailer Members PLUS
to a List of All Other Mailers Available



Best Conversions and Results Tracking in the Business
Viral List Building - Your Referrals Can Earn Their Premium Membership By Passing Up & Adding People to YOUR LIST and 100PercentMailer Downline!



*Ad Mailer that Adds People to Your Autoresponder
*Schedule Your Mail Weeks in Advance
*Stats to Show You What Ads are Working For You
(and Which Are NOT)


Cool beans, right? Please leave a comment below and ...

Happy Promoting and List Building!

Blessings & Success To You...



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