Super Success in 30 Days!

Renovate Your Brain For Super Self
Confidence and Success

This self hypnosis for confidence and success session offers brainwave entrainment audio that is designed to elevate your self esteem and revamp your brain for success.


One word ... neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to restructure itself by forming new nerve connections. It allows the neurons or nerve cells in the brain to adjust their activities in response to new situations or environmental changes.

That's great news! This means that your current sense of self is not permanent and can be changed. When embracing a new mindset, your brain will in fact alter itself to manifest a newly learned practice. New habits typically take at least 30 days to establish, however, this may vary depending on the levels of resistance that have built up in previous years.


Sit or recline in a comfortable position and LISTEN THROUGH HEADPHONES.

You'll want to set the volume so that you can "just hear" the pulsing effect in the background. This 4hz isochronic tone corresponds to the Theta state, when your mind is restive and very conducive to receiving and integrating positive suggestions.

In this deep state, your mind's critical faculties are easily interrupted so that new behaviors can take hold and override the old ones.

NOTE: The first 10 minutes feature a powerful relaxation induction, which induces the deep hypnotic Theta state. The actual reprogramming takes place during the second half.


You'll receive a short term positive effect from listening once, but for maximum integration and real inner change, you'll want to listen for a MINIMUM of 30 consecutive days, along with (and most importantly) TAKING ACTION congruent with your fresh mindset in your daily life.



How do you feel? Please leave a comment below on any changes you experience along the way.

Blessings & Success To You...



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