The Secret to Self Motivation

The Science Behind the "5 Second Rule"

I recently happened upon this video by Mel Robbins and it was so helpful to me personally, I just had to share it.

I'm a very emotional person, very attuned to how I'm feeling. I have always used my "feeling sense" to decide when and how to do things.

It's funny how certain household chores come easy to me, so they get done daily. But vacuuming and dusting usually get done when it bothers me so much to look at it, that I won't stand to look at it anymore! LOL

More often, when I know I "should" be doing something that may not be easy, I wait until I "feel like it" to get it done.

In both of the above scenarios, I can clearly see now that with certain tasks (on and off the internet), when the "pain" of not getting it done outweighs the "pain" of actually doing it .... I finally get the challenge handled.

How much time, not to mention the mental and emotional energy, I've wasted over the years on these useless inner conflicts! It's interesting to think where I might be now if I knew this secret to self motivation a few years ago....

Simple, right? Sheesh! 

Blessings & Success To You...



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