Barbie, Why Frogs?

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When you start learning about making money online, branding will come up as one of the most important actions you can take consistently to create success.

I knew this... sort of... but I never really got a handle on it till recently.

I tend to follow people who not only add value to my online life - how-to tutorials, videos and such - but also (and more importantly) people who were open about their own personal journey and every day life.

I've seen people who post/chat/email mostly motivational memes or videos.

I've seen people who post/chat/email mostly opportunities and hangouts and webinars.

I've seen people who post/chat/email mostly funny or cute videos.

But where I really "connect" are with those who are entrepreneurs who also talk sometimes about their every day life (which include both happy moments and the inevitable struggles).

THAT type of person is perceived as REAL... and when a prospect resonates with the particular types of human moments communicated, both good and bad, that "real" entrepreneur has much larger possibility to become a mentor or friend online, without ever having met their potential customer or downline member!

In observing and participating in a multitude of programs and opportunities over the years, I've noticed that in any product or service - the good, the bad, the ugly - no matter how they were managed - good, bad or ugly - that those that were driven by people creating relationships with their prospects as an integral part of doing business

... have always been successful.

And I've seen the opposite, too, when the "sell sell sell" mentality left customers out in the cold. Those have habitually been the ones to eventually fold and disappear

... even if they had great products!

So, we're now back to the question, the subject of this article... Barbie, Why Frogs?

For some reason (I really don't remember why), I started drawing frogs on my notepads and notes I was taking in high school.


I became known for doing it. Frog drawings would end up in all sorts of places back then .... on desks, chalkboards, tables, notes to my classmates and even on a test or two. When that frog was seen, the people I knew well knew I had passed through the area recently.

And now, I have an antique desk (that belonged to my grandmother, that my Aunt Gail did her homework on every night... who passed it down to me a few short years ago) that has a frog theme, to remind me every day of the fun and whimsical aspects of life... and me.

Since I am now "rebooting" myself, it was only fitting that I made frogs a part of my brand.

Here are some excellent branding tips from Richard Weberg, the owner/creator of Leased Ad Space.


How to Advertise Your Business
It's All About YOU


Blessings & Success To You...



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Barbie, Why Frogs?







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