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Breaking Out of Your Rut

I'm Barbie Zabel and I've been a money making internet marketer since 2008.

I've been online since 2006, but didn't get consistent with my actions and therefore an income until 2008.

My first big peak was about 5 years ago, and boy did I enjoy that until it fizzled out a couple years ago.

That company has since gone bankrupt, and unbeknownst to me then, was starting to have difficulties shortly before I left, so the trouble trickled from the top down and eventually hit bottom.

Since I left that company, I've looked and joined and tried many of what I thought might be "the next big thing" that would take me to my next even higher peak.

Some of them disappeared within a short time, some of them failed to perform and many changed drastically, making it impossible to continue marketing them in the ways that had excited me at their start.

I grew increasingly skeptical, and then eventually... bored by it all. Yep, a big Ho hum. Every DAY. I'm guessing that I was probably going through a mild depression as well.

Not a good place to be when your income depends on your energetic engagement with

  • your business' products
  • your customers
  • your members
  • your prospects, and
  • your audience!

Well, going through a rough patch is almost always a great thing... hindsight is 20/20, right? Once you get through the dark tunnel and back out into the sunlight (metaphorically), everything looks a lot more bright and clear.

So, how can I - and you - have a lot more fun promoting and making tons more money online?

You may not want to hear this - I didn't - but the answer is:

By branding yourself, being yourself & telling your personal stories. (More about how to brand yourself coming soon!)

While I was busy looking for the next big thing, spinning my wheels and losing focus and energy, I forgot what my - and your - audience and potential customer base are really buying into...

ME  (or YOU).

When they can hear, see and FEEL a resonance to YOU and YOUR story, a BOND is created...

... And magically, they follow you!

Wow, it seems so simple now, yet without really realizing its importance, I'd been missing in action for quite some time...

If you get nothing else from this page, get this:

Your stories (old ones and fresh new ones based on your experiences) need to be told time and time again, in messages to your audience a few times every week 




I suspect that lack of communication is one big reason why so many fail to make money with MLM or matrices online - they don't know how important it is to keep in close contact with their team members consistently.

So, since I love the freedom that making money online gives me, I finally decided to break out of my funk and get the heck out of my own way...

... which is why I created this new blog.

Starting with the frog theme (frogs are something I drew all the time on all my tablets and notes in high school for some reason LOL), you'll find "me" everywhere

... whether I'm talking about my beloved, diabetic, 95% blind 14 year old Fox Terrier Blaze who is now losing his hearing, too

... or the powerful money making systems I strongly encourage you to join with me

... or some of my hubby Rob's antics

... or some tried and true traffic generating methods

... or the latest marketing tools I'm testing

... or motivational and educational materials that will help transform your life

... or even sharing some cute or funny videos in hopes to bring a smile to your face.

It's all gonna be right here. I hope to positively impact your life as so many others online have impacted mine. Leave a comment below and stay tuned!

Blessings & Success To You...



Recent Comments

Good for You!

I have been receiving Your ads for quite sometime. I have experienced the same as you with companies coming and going so i just gave up. I am looking for something that works without alot of phone time....

I own another business that keeps us busy, especially the beginning of the year.

Evelyn Hillis



Thank you, Evelyn!

I've got a hot one for you... we conversed a bit about this via email yesterday.

One of our new team members, Niki, had just got done spending the last of the Christmas money ($55) to send out a text broadcast via our training...

She took a shot... and got herself a diamond sale of $1300 yesterday! Her life changed instantly.

Stories like this happen all the time on our team. :-)

Here's more info on that - click here.





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